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Screenshot deluxe  ist zurück für den Sommer! Wie letztes Jahr soll in dieser Serie in (un)regelmäßigen Intervallen bemerkenswerte In-Game-Fotografie vorgestellt werden - man könnte das vielleicht auch Videogame-Tourismus nennen.  Diese Woche, frisch aus dem Flickr-Pool: RandomDrps.

RandomDrps AKA Waku aus München fotografiert in verschiedenen Spielen.

I don't think there is that much difference between real world and in-game photography, exept of course that it's much easier to do ingame (depending on the game). It's easier of course to get an interesting shot of something when you have full Control not only of the Camera but also of the environment, you don't have to wait all day to get great lighting for a shot if you can just manipulate the flow of time in a game or the weather. Also, no flying Cameras in real life xept for drones. :)
The Main Credit goes to the creators of the Games, without them there would be nothing to photograph. Then again the same could be said for Architects yet many Photographers are praised for their unique perspectives on greatly designed buildings and their photos, I don't know if you can reasonably compare those though when your working in a completly artifical world. Haven't quite figured that one out yet. :)
I usually don't alter my Pictures, if I want to to shoot a Game it is because of the amazing work the Programmers and Designers did on it, i don't need to mess with that. I do use Post Processing Mods like SweetFX or Visual Mods for specific Games though if i like the look and my rig can reasonably handle it. And console commands, no photoshop though. If i can't get a Game to NoHud I don't really bother with it. But I also appreciate the Pictures where a lot of work went into the final look. In the end, if the Picture looks amazing it dosn't really matter whats been done to it, these are all artificial pictures by their nature of being from Videogames, i don't know if one can argue for some kind of "naturalist" look in this kind of environment.
The recent clustering of abstract looking Pictures is more a coincidence. I just played Kairo soon after finishing Assassin's Creed Revelations. But i do like the stark look of these Games (or in Revelations case the abstract architecture used in The Lost Archive DLC). I guess it's the clean look, compared to the relative high density noise most Games seem to strife for, showing ever more and more on screen in ever higher detail.
As for other Photographers, i was always a Fan of Duncan Harris and Dead End Thrills, he just does absolutly amazing work. But many other people in the Dead End Thrills Flickr group are just amazing as well like James Snook or Stuart Williams who did some  absolutly stunning Bioshock Infinite Panoramas.


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