Bridging Worlds: Capturing IndieCade


"Bridging Worlds"  is a series by LA-based artist and VGT guest author Eron Rauch about the blurred line between games and art. These articles are intended as conversation starters about the burgeoning intersection between the fine art world, academic studies of games, virtual photography, and video game creation.

Recently there has been a great deal of conversation and buzz about indie games - specifically conferences and showcases such as IndieCade, which is billed on its poster as, "The Sundance of video games." Given that video games and Los Angeles are two of my primary subjects as an artist, I decided to stop in at IndieCade, take a look at the event and write an article for Video Game Tourism.

However, after arriving and wandering around for a bit I realized I needed to take a different approach. There seemed to be a wealth of crews doing mainstream press coverage as well as excellent insider documentation from those designers participating in the event. Sweating in waning but still potent afternoon sun I realized that my small contribution could be trying to share a ground-level view of what it felt like to meaner through the tents and crowds in the plaza of downtown Culver City.

Photographing IndieCade became a way to explore a new facet of my interest in the relationship between photography and video games. 

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Excellent photos. And also interesting to see IndieCade that way - in general, non-attendees only ever get to read about the event. It's really refreshing to see the thing itself, in all its festival-like glory. Thanks, Eron!

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