VGT Advent #17


Noch eine Woche - Endspurt! Zeit für etwas Substantielleres aus den Archiven des Netzes. Wie immer sei auch hier auf unser allgemein geltendes Alter-Scheiß-Manifest verwiesen.

Roger Ebert, RIP - wie besser diesen Titan der Filmkritik und Games-Skeptiker in seinem Todesjahr ehren als mit einem Games-Review aus seiner Feder?


The richness is almost overwhelming; there is the sense that the resources of this game are limitless and that no two players would have the same experience. I have been exploring the ancient city in spare moments for two weeks now, and doubt that I have even begun to scratch the surface. This is the most beguiling computer game I have encountered, a seamless blend of information, adventure, humor, and imagination - the gruesome side-by-side with the divine. ... 

The graphics are hauntingly effective, using a wide-screen landscape format. The individual characters are drawn with vivid facial characteristics, a cross between the cartoons of medieval Japanese art and the exaggerations of modern Japanimation. The speaking voices are filled with personality, often taunting, teasing, or sexy. There is the sense, illusory but seductive, that one could wander this world indefinitely. This is a wonderful game.

Die Rede in diesem WIRED-Games-Review des großen Roger Ebert war natürlich von Cosmology of Kyoto, und wer das nicht kennt, fragt am besten die allwissende Müllhalde und freut sich über den Wissenzuwachs. (Vorsicht: Minds will be fucked!) 

Danach möge man in das allgemeine Wehklagen einstimmen, dass derartig interessante Experimente irgendwie kaum Nachhall gefunden haben.



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