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The following guest article by Lana Polansky - a Montreal-based game critic, crafter, writer and professional scowler - first appeared on her own blog. She was kind enough to allow me to republish this excellent and thoughtful article here as part of VGT's series on in-game photography, Screenshot Deluxe - be sure to check out Eron Rauch's great article on the topic as well as my essay here.


1391Sir, You Are Being Hunted

1378AI War


Researching for my piece on visual innovators in games, I sent a few questions to Alientrap Games, developers of the fabulous Apotheon, the world's first and finest sidescroller inspired by ancient Greek pottery. Here's what the game's art director Jesse McGibney had to tell me.

In your own words: What makes your game's visual style unique?

1298Reste, allerfeinste Reste!  Mein Artikel zum Thema visuelle Innovation hat auch ein interessantes Gespräch mit Duangle ergeben, das es ebenfalls aus Raumgründen nicht in den fertigen Artikel geschafft hat. Hier also deshalb ein paar Antworten von den Machern des fantastisch aussehenden Projekts Nowhere, das momentan noch in Alpha ist.
Nicht zu sehen: der geniale Sound. Und das auf Oculus Rift - da braucht man, Schweizer Freunde mit Labor vorausgesetzt, getrost auf keine Goa-Party mehr fahren. Ich zumindest bin sehr gespannt.


"Bridging Worlds"  is a series by LA-based artist and VGT guest author Eron Rauch about the blurred line between games and art. These articles are intended as conversation starters about the burgeoning intersection between the fine art world, academic studies of games, virtual photography, and video game creation.


Researching for my piece on visual innovators in games, I sent a few questions to Santa Ragione, the Italian developers of the fantastically abstract and beautiful Mirror Moon EP. Unfortunately, their thoughtful and interesting  reply arrived too late for inclusion in my article, so here is what Pietro Righi Riva, one half of the creative duo of Santa Ragione, had to tell me.

In your own words: What makes your games' visual style unique?