1511Into This Wylde Abyss is a work in progress described by its creator Richard Whitelock as "a short game about struggling to survive on a freezing island and what happens in your final hours, inspired by the dangerous sublime, Paradise Lost and AdamAtomic’s Capsule". Despite the very sparse information available on the game, I was at once fascinated by its visual style and the use of in-game photography.
I asked its creator Richard Whitelock a few questions on the game, photography and his inspirations.


In our ongoing series WORD/PLAY we look at the fusing of literature and games. The link to the the written word is almost as old as the videogame itself, and recent developments both on the side of literature and the videogame have shown that the relationship between the two media is as vital and strong as ever.

In continuation of my piece on visual innovators in games, I was drawn to the black and white beauty of Monochroma. I asked one of its creators, Burak Tezateser of Turkish developer Nowhere Studios, a few questions about the game.
A short description of Monochroma could be "Limbo meets Ico", but Monochroma's style emphasizes different aspects and uses 3D in a 2D-setting. In your own words: What makes your games' visual style unique? 


In continuation of my piece on visual innovators in games, I couldn't help but admire the sheer beauty and originality of the up and coming NaissanceE, due to be released later this week. I asked its creator Mavros Sedeño a few questions about his stylish, nearly monochromatic first-person puzzler. 

In your own words: What makes NaissanceE's visual style unique?




1391Sir, You Are Being Hunted

1378AI War

1367Die Raummaschine 6, 100 x 280 cm, Pigmentdruck auf Leinwand

Matthias Zimmermann wandert zwischen den Welten: Als akademisch ausgebildeter bildender Künstler und Maler studierte an der Berner Musikhochschule Komposition im Grundstudium sowie Kunst & Vermittlung, Game Design und Art Education in Luzern und Zürich. Sein Werk thematisiert die virtuellen Welten der Computerspiele - was allen seinen Gemälden gemein ist, ist das Thema vom "Weltenbau", das Zusammenstellen einer Landschaft im abstrakten Raum.